Speech, Unity In Diversity

Rainbow is an awesome thing . If there is no red, it will not be beautiful. That color difference makes the rainbow more beautiful.

To honorable Mr. Yohanes Dwi Adi and my dear friends good morning. Introduce my name is Norbertus Marcell Prayogi. At the beginning of all, let us give thanks to God because of His blessings and mercy, I can give a little of my thoughts.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word diversity? Surely you will think ethnicity, religion and language. And what you think about is true. If we talk about diversity it is not possible to get away from it.

Diversity must not be separated from differences. And until now differences have become very sensitive. Differences are an issue that causes a lot of dusnity in society. Starting from differences in religion, ethnic, and many more differences that exist.

Differences also cause discrimination in many places. But discrimination is only done by a few people. Some day ago when I was greeting my friend from SMP 1 Bandarlampung, his friend wanted to throw somay at me because he saw me wearing xaverius clothes. And my friend keep care me.

The differences that exist should make us eager to unite these differences. Not to divide. Uniting does not mean eliminating differences. Indonesia, which consists of hundreds of cultures and languages ​​and 6 different religions, is unique to Indonesia. We cannot eliminate the differences. Does making everything together without a difference make everything safe? Not necessarily. Maybe even because there is no difference, it will act arbitrarily.

Talking about differences I remembered an old saying. The old saying said. United we stand, divided we fall. If you think deeply. The proverb has a deep meaning. If we are united we will be strong and strong when facing all obstacles and challenges that are in front of us. Whereas if we divorce we will not be able to face the obstacles that exist.

Indonesia is known by the international community as a pluralistic country. Pluralism in Indonesia is well-known everywhere. And that is our strength. The sense of unity and unity that exists in Indonesia is not shared by other nations. We must realize that we have many differences. Difference is not a disaster … But a blessing from God.

We must be able to choose all the differences that exist in Indonesia. That can all happen if we have a spirit of tolerance. Soul tolerance must be instilled early. Some examples of the soul of tolerance that must be instilled from early is respect for other people who are worshiping, respecting differences, being equal to others and much more.

So, let us together protect the differences by developing tolerance towards others. That’s all about my idea. I do aplogize if i made a mistake. Thank you, stay cool and see you next time.

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